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   Lime - Citrus is a plant family, a close relative of lemon. Limes reach no more than 6 cm in diameter. The taste is much more sour lime other citrus, even lemon. Flesh lime green and juicy. Depending on the variety and maturity of the lime peel can be green or yellow. Lime is grown throughout the tropical and subtropical climates. The world market comes from lime India, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Spain.
   In Australia, increasing lime with small, round or elongated fruits. Some Australian limes red pulp.
   In Asia, spread kafir, Persian lime and Rangpur. In Mexico, the growing Mexican or West Indian lime. In the Mediterranean grow sweet lime, also called "limetta."
   Lime has been used successfully to create hybrids: limonaym (lemon lime), laymkvat (lime with kumquat).
   Lime juice cleanses, tones and whitens the skin, smooths wrinkles, heals sores, acne and warts, strengthens hair and nails. All parts of lime have antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-rheumatic properties. Lime effectively relieves pain in the throat, stomach and intestines, soothes and neutralizes the effects of stress.
   Lime juice contains 6-8% citric acid. Lime fruits are very rich in vitamin C, iron and calcium.